Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association

Industrial Waste

Facility Overview

  • In partnership since March 2001
  • Location: MD of Pincher Creek
  • Facility Type: AENV Class II Facility; Approval #18701-01-01
  • Owner/Operator: Crowsnest / Pincher Creek Landfill Association
  • Acceptable Waste Types: Non-Haz Industrial and MSW
  • LSD: NW 1⁄4 -8-7-1 W5M
  • Industrial and oilfield waste management and marketing: Secure Energy Inc. - Contact Dwayne Danyluk 1-403-363-5061
  • Solid non-hazardous industrial and non-dangerous oilfield waste streams accepted for disposal and bioremediation.

Common Waste Streams

We can accept the following industrial wastes:

  • Hydrocarbon, salt, or other contaminated soils
  • Asbestos    Asbestos Acceptance Form and Policy.
  • Catalyst, desiccant beads
  • Fly ash and sulphur wastes
  • Wood and incinerator wastes
  • Tank and treater bottoms
  • Oily and water based drilling waste
  • UST soils from gasoline and diesel fuel stations

All disposal projects are subject to a waste approval procedure involving an evaluation of the physical and chemical characteristics of the waste. Generators will be required to provide representative third-party analysis for each new waste stream and for each new location.

Design information

The industrial and oilfield waste disposal cell is designed with:

  • A leachate collection and removal system consisting of a perforated pipe system graded to drain through a granular drainage matrix to a collection sump.
  • One (1) meter thick engineered clay liner system. The design and performance of the liner system in place meet the criteria outlined in EUB ID 99-04 and the Draft Standards and Guidelines for Landfills in Alberta for no limits on total hydrocarbons or chlorides concentration in waste submitted for disposal.
  • The bioremediation pad is constructed with a 0.5 meter thick compacted clay liner, and is equipped with run-on and run-off controls to manage any precipitation on the pad as leachate.